Is Popcorn Vegan?


Popcorn has a significant role in many of our lives, serving as everything from a quick on-the-go snack to the pinnacle of movie nostalgia. The real money question is, is it vegan?

When corn kernels are heated, they expand, cracking their shell and puffing up, creating popcorn. The husk expands up to 50 times its original size as a result of a significant change in pressure brought on by the moisture inside the husk turning to steam.

The name really does describe the food – popped corn.

The two most common flavors for popcorn are then usually added, and they are the most traditional: Sweet or Savory.

Is Popcorn vegan ?
Popcorn is naturally vegan since it only contains one ingredient and is made entirely of plants. But when flavorings are used it may at times contain some non vegan ingredients mixed into it. When creating your own popcorn  from scratch, you can choose to top it with plant-based ingredients; however, when purchasing food from a store or movie theater it can contain cheese or butter as flavorings.

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